Zelensky: Ukraine submitting ‘accelerated’ application to join Nato after Putin’s annexations

It follows Russian President Vladimir Putin signed treaties on Friday to annex four Ukrainian regions partly occupied by his forces, escalating his seven-month war and taking it into an unpredictable new phase. The move prompted a flurry of sanctions from western countries, with the US announcing sanctions on hundreds of individuals and companies on Friday. … Read more

Putin takes swipe at Giorgia Meloni by cutting off gas to Italy days after she backed Ukraine

Putin takes his first swipe at Giorgia Meloni by completely cutting off gas supplies to Italy just days after the right-wing leader backed Ukraine Italy reported that Russia’s Gazprom has suspended its gas supply until Monday The gas giant said that the delay is due to a transport issue in Austria However it follows Italy’s … Read more

Russia could carry out attacks in space, warns British Armed Forces head Tony Radakin

He cited the diplomatic response seen since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, with the majority of western nations “deploring” Mr Putin’s behaviour. “Countries are adjusting their energy policies so that they buy less energy from Russia this year and they will look to wean themselves off Russian energy in future years,” he said. “That’s important … Read more

Putin’s endgame is an act of military self-destruction

Standing in front of enormous Russian Federation flags and behind his little white podium yesterday, it was difficult to fathom what was going on in Vladimir Putin’s mind, behind his inscrutable facial demeanour. Announcing the annexation of four Ukrainian regions might be seen by some of his Russian faithful as something of a triumph or … Read more

Nato backs Ukraine to retake annexed territory after Putin boasts its citizens are now his ‘forever’

Kyiv instantly rejected Russia’s offer of peace talks, insisting it would not come to the negotiating table while Mr Putin was still in charge of Russia. In response to the annexations, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, on Friday announced his country had formally applied for fast-track membership of Nato. “Today, here in Kyiv, in the heart … Read more

Now the Americans are worried that Vladimir Putin may well hit the nuclear button

P resident Biden is an old man. This is not something American officials and those close to the White House are usually keen to signal but this week — as Russia made repeated thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons over Ukraine — they were. The commander-in-chief has vivid memories of the Korean War. The … Read more

Putin to formally annex Russian-occupied Ukraine in hawkish speech lashing out at West

To formally annex those territories the Russian parliament and Russia’s Constitutional Court, which over recent years turned into rubber-stamp bodies, have to ratify and approve the treaties, something that is expected next week. The developments mirror Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 when President Putin gathered several Crimean politicians to formalise the land-grab of the … Read more

Putin to sign off land grab after ‘sham’ referendums

The Kremlin-backed leaders of four Russian occupied regions of Ukraine were in Moscow on Thursday after calling for President Vladimir Putin to formally annex the territories into Russia. The Moscow-installed heads of Ukraine’s Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions claimed residents backed the move in hastily organised votes that the West says were a sham. “I am already … Read more

Putin’s grip on power ‘may be weakened by colossal error in Ukraine’ as estimated 250,000 flee to avoid draft

R ussian President Vladimir Putin is beginning to understand the “colossal mistake” he has made in invading Ukraine, western officials believe, amid signs his grip on power may have been weakened. The Kremlin is expected to move swiftly to annex four territories occupied by his forces in the east of the country after conducting a … Read more

Russian synchronised swimmer who held flag at London 2012 flees country with ‘no plans to return’

Vladimir Putin’s favourite synchronised swimmer who carried Russia’s flag at the London 2012 Olympics has fled the country with ‘no plans to return’. Anastasia Davydova, 39, a five-time gold medallist and the current secretary-general of the Russian Olympic Committee [ROC], has shocked the Kremlin by joining thousands heading over the border in the wake of Putin’s … Read more