Guardsman who took part in late Queen’s funeral found dead at barracks

A guardsman who took part in Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral has been found dead at his barracks. Trooper Jack Burnell-Williams, 18, guarded the late Queen’s coffin as it was carried from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch on September 19. Mr Burnell-Williams, who served in the Household Cavalry, was pronounced dead at Hyde Park Barracks in Knightsbridge, … Read more

I promise to bring spending under control

There was a boost for pound sterling on Friday after the Office of National Statistics revised its growth figures up, suggesting that the UK economy was not currently in a recession. Pound sterling ended the week at more than $1.11 against the dollar, up from its record low of $1.04 on Monday and amounting to … Read more

‘Beautiful’ face of medieval woman brought back to life after 700 years

The beautiful face of a mysterious medieval woman has been revealed for the first time in 700 years, after scientists used 3D digital reconstruction techniques to bring her back from the dead. The unknown woman, who died in her 20s and was placed on a bed of seashells, was found during vault renovations at the … Read more

First-time buyer met with gasps by Question Time audience

She continued: “They are saying ‘you need to immediately look at putting your application through because if you don’t the lenders may even pull these offers’.” At this, Lord Karan Bilimoria, who was a member of Thursday’s Question Time panel, shook his head with a look of solemn incredulity. The audience member added: “For me … Read more

Anyone over 55 who has ever smoked to be offered lung cancer checks

Anyone over the age of 55 who has ever smoked will be offered lung cancer screening, under recommendations from government advisers.  The proposals from the UK National Screening Committee (UKNSC) call for the mass rollout of checks, in order to tackle the most common cause of cancer deaths. The committee said all former and current … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II died while close family were en route to Balmoral, death certificate confirms

Using her full name, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, the certificate lists the late Queen as widowed following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh in April last year. Her occupation was simply: “Her Majesty the Queen.” Her “usual address” was listed as Windsor Castle, to which she moved during the Covid pandemic and which she … Read more

Tory rebels threaten to block scrapping of 45p tax rate

A third former Cabinet minister said: “The 45p rate is the bit that we’re all getting a kicking on and it’s completely overshadowed the energy intervention. The naivety and stupidity of the mini-Budget was that nobody’s talking about the energy package – that’s just not landed at all.” He said making it a confidence motion … Read more

Benefits hit as Liz Truss tries to stem the mini-Budget bleeding

Ms Truss repeatedly defended last Friday’s announcements during her local media round, telling BBC Radio Norfolk: “This is the right plan that we have set out.”  She pointed to turmoil on financial markets across the world and gave no indication that any element of the mini-Budget would be reversed despite the financial fallout. On Thursday … Read more

Common antidepressants may increase the risk of heart disease and early death

Common antidepressants may raise the risk of heart disease and an early death, a study suggests.  Almost a quarter of a million Britons were followed for over a decade and a link was found between people on the medication and heart disease.  For people on the common antidepressants known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) … Read more

Police force ‘that prioritised trans paedophile’s feelings’ enforces gender-neutral warrant cards

The police force that warned social media users against making “hateful” comments towards a convicted, transgender paedophile is at the forefront of “woke” policies such as gender-neutral warrant cards. Sussex Police scrapped warrant cards that identified male officers with the letters A or C and female officers with B or D in November last year. … Read more