How to Start Meal Prepping Without It Taking Over Your Life

Photo: Elena Veselova (Shutterstock) When you get serious about your fitness goals (be they strength- or weight-related), often one first step is to get your nutrition in order. You want to get enough protein to support your muscles, fruits and vegetables for health, carbs for fuel, and a total amount of calories that supports your … Read more

10 Splatoon 3 Players Who Are Total Hypebeasts

I wonder where Splatsville’s runway is…Image: Nintendo If you’ve spent any amount of time sauntering around Splatoon 3’s new hub world of Splatsville, then you’ve undoubtedly seen some of the drippiest fashion known in this city of inky chaos. No joke, the fits are so clean—and so bizarre—that I couldn’t help but chronicle the best … Read more