Square Enix Is Drowning 2022 With RPGs, And We’re Here For It

Image: Square Enix / Kotaku 2022 is a great year to be an RPG fan, particularly of Japanese games. The holiday season is usually crowded with new game releases, but this year Square Enix appears to be releasing games like it’s Christmas all year round. With so many out already, and so many more to … Read more

‘GameStop Daycare’ Is A Thing & Staff Are Tired Of Babysitting

Photo: Michael M. Santiago / Nintendo / Kotaku (Getty Images) Gamers of a certain age have fond memories of that first time they played Super Mario 64 or another Nintendo classic at the demo station in the mall. It felt like you were touching a piece of the future. Maybe you played for hours. What … Read more

PS5 Game Flopped So Hard Even GameStop Is Getting Rid Of It Now

Screenshot: PlatinumGames Babylon’s Fall, the live-service role-playing game Kotaku writer Ethan Gach named the PlayStation 5’s “new worst game,” has been made so valueless, some GameStops are giving physical copies away for free. It’s not only because the game “controls like Jell-O and combat is often a mess, while everything in-between ranges from feeling unpolished … Read more

Square Enix Switch Game Literally Just Called ‘Various Daylife’

Image: Square Enix Octopath Traveler. Triangle Strategy. Forspoken. These are just a few of Square Enix’s weirder game titles. But today, the Final Fantasy publisher reminded the world of one of its all-time-greats: Various Daylife. The iOS JRPG now has a Switch port. It came out today and it’s still called, well, that. I’m not … Read more