How to Claim Verizon Timed Partner Research

When it comes to Pokemon GO, there is always something new for players to enjoy. Whether it is a new story in a Special Research task or some kind of holiday event, all sorts of new content is added to the game on a regular basis. Occasionally, Niantic will do a promotional event as part of a partnership. This time, players that are also Verizon customers will have something to look forward to. Niantic just announced a new Special Research event that will run from September 1st to November 30th. Here is how players can get in on this limited-time Special Research event.


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How to Claim Verizon Timed Partner Research

For this event, Pokemon GO players are only eligible if they use Verizon for their phone service. So players that are not Verizon customers will be unable to claim this special, limited-time offer. One thing that players should know is that this offer is only available for players in the United States.

Eligible players can claim this reward by downloading and opening the My Verizon app. Once the app is open, the steps to claim this special offer are as follows.

  • Navigate to the Verizon Up tab.
  • Browse the special offers and look for the Pokemon GO Special Research offer.
  • Once claimed, a redemption code will appear.
  • Sign in to the Niantic Offer Redemption page and enter the code from the Verizon app.

Once the code has been claimed, Pokemon GO players will find the Partner Research tasks related to this event on the Today tab of the research menu. There, players will see a variety of tasks that they will need to complete. The first set of tasks includes making 20 Curveball throws, catching 30 Pokemon, and sending five gifts with a sticker.

As players work through this special research event, they will get great rewards like Stardust, a Lucky Egg, and an Incubator. Of course, since catching Pokemon is what the game is all about, players will also have a chance to catch Pokemon like Gengar and Pawniard. Truly dedicated Pokemon GO players also have a chance to encounter shiny Pokemon during this event. The Pokemon involved with this event are also the kind that can Mega Evolve.

Does this Event Expire?

The official page announcing this event mentions how this offer can only be claimed from September 1st to November 30th. However, when looking at the event in Pokemon GO, players will see a timer listed underneath Partner Research: Verizon. From start to finish, players will have 90 days to complete all the tasks and claim all the rewards associated with this event. So if there is anything that Pokemon GO players want from this event, they will have a good deal of time to get everything done.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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