Migrant crisis – latest: Migrants sue DeSantis for ‘fraudulent’ scheme as new plane reportedly heads to Delaware

Related video: More Migrants Arrive In D.C. As White House Slams Republican Governors A group of 48 mostly Venezeulan migrants who the state of Florida transported in a surprise flight to Martha’s Vineyard last week have sued governor Ron DeSantis for the “fraudulent and discriminatory scheme.” Local officials as well as the governor of California … Read more

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro uses Queen’s funeral invite to slam London fuel prices

B razil’s President Jair Bolsonaro used his invite to the Queen’s funeral to visit a west London petrol station and baulk at petrol prices – twice that of many Brazilian states. Bolsonaro, who is campaigning for re-election, made the comparison in a lo-fi video in Bayswater Shell forecourt ahead of the Queen’s funeral on Monday. … Read more

Alert level raised on New Zealand’s giant Taupo volcano – source of Earth’s largest eruption in past 5,000 years | World News

New Zealand scientists have increased the alert level for a huge volcano – which was the source of the Earth’s largest eruption in the past 5,000 years. Geological agency GeoNet said it had detected almost 700 small earthquakes below Lake Taupo, the caldera created by Taupo Volcano and New Zealand’s biggest lake. It said in … Read more

Why Ukraine’s southern offensive is proving more difficult than the blitzkrieg attack in the north | Stuart Ramsay | World News

We waited at a checkpoint near the Ukrainian’s defensive line for the southern counter-offensive. We had permission to be there, but the soldiers were unhappy, and all those permissions had to be rechecked. The Ukrainian government and military have imposed an almost complete blackout of information on the southern counter-attack that has the Russian-held city … Read more

Brothers of Italy suspends candidate after online post praising Hitler found | Brothers of Italy

The far-right Brothers of Italy party has suspended an election candidate after it was discovered he had praised Adolf Hitler and described the group’s leader, Giorgia Meloni, as a “modern fascist”. Calogero Pisano, a coordinator for Brothers of Italy in the Sicilian province of Agrigento, wrote on Facebook in 2014 that the Nazi leader was … Read more

Vladimir Putin set to declare occupied land in Ukraine part of Russia

Kremlin figures indicated that the expected annexations would heighten the prospect of Nato being drawn into the conflict if it did not accept Russian territorial gains. Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s security council, said: “Encroachment onto Russian territory is a crime which allows you to use all the forces of self-defence. “This is … Read more

King Charles chooses France for first state visit after bonding with Macron

The “soft power” of the Royal family has always been exploited as a diplomatic tool, and the Foreign Office wants to capitalise on its popularity in the wake of the Queen’s funeral, which was watched by billions worldwide. Mr Macron delivered one of the most memorable tributes to the late Queen from any world leader … Read more

Hurricane Fiona batters Turks and Caicos as Puerto Rico fights flooding | Hurricanes

Hurricane Fiona has blasted the Turks and Caicos Islands as a Category 3 storm after cutting a path of devastation through the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico – where most people remained without electricity or running water. The storm’s eye passed close to Grand Turk, the small British territory’s capital island, on Tuesday morning after … Read more

Liz Truss and Emmanuel Macron meeting could herald cautious reset of Anglo-French relations

Mr Macron’s stance towards Russia has moved closer to Britain’s as it became clear his efforts of diplomacy towards Putin had failed.  After the discovery of mass graves in Russian-occupied Izyum last week, Mr Macron warned there could be “no peace without justice”.  France, like Britain, has bolstered Europe’s eastern flank with troops and sent … Read more

Return Crimea to ‘rightful owners’ – POLITICO

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Russian President Vladimir Putin must return all land that Russia has occupied, including Crimea. The Black Sea peninsula should be returned to its “rightful owners,” Erdoğan told PBS NewsHour on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, in comments likely to provoke ire in Moscow. … Read more