Surrounded by body bags – Putin’s ‘war crimes’ only strengthen Ukraine’s resolve | World News

There was an awful near silence as the war crime investigators went about their business and the bodies of the victims were methodically packed into body bags. We counted at least 15 body bags being loaded one on top of each other into a succession of ambulances. The death toll is higher and includes several … Read more

Ukraine war ― latest: Zelensky applies to join Nato after Russia annexes 4 regions

‘They will be Russian citizens forever’: Putin declares annexation of Ukraine’s regions Ukraine is applying for accelerated Nato membership after Vladimir Putin signed treaties to annex four Ukrainian regions, taking his war into an unpredictable new phase. The Russian president claimed Russia had “four new regions” in a speech in the Kremlin to hundreds of … Read more

Burkina Faso’s military leader ousted in second coup this year | Burkina Faso

Members of Burkina Faso’s army have seized control of state television, declaring that they had ousted military leader Paul-Henri Damiba, dissolved the government and suspended the constitution and transitional charter. In a statement read on national television late on Friday, Captain Ibrahim Traore said a group of officers had decided to remove Damiba due to … Read more

Russia vetoes U.S.-led resolution on Moscow’s proclaimed annexations, China abstains

WASHINGTON, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Russia on Friday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution introduced by the United State and Albania condemning Moscow’s proclaimed annexation of parts of Ukraine, and China chose to abstain from the vote. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaimed Russian rule over four regions that make up 15% of Ukraine’s territory … Read more

Nato backs Ukraine to retake annexed territory after Putin boasts its citizens are now his ‘forever’

Kyiv instantly rejected Russia’s offer of peace talks, insisting it would not come to the negotiating table while Mr Putin was still in charge of Russia. In response to the annexations, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, on Friday announced his country had formally applied for fast-track membership of Nato. “Today, here in Kyiv, in the heart … Read more

German €200bn energy support plan sparks ‘animosity’ within EU

Germany’s pursuit of a massive borrowing package to help its economy withstand the energy crisis has heightened tensions among EU member states as they struggled to forge a common approach on lowering gas and electricity prices at meetings in Brussels. The €200bn plan, announced by Berlin on Thursday, was described by German chancellor Olaf Scholz … Read more

Hurricane Ian: Death toll continues to climb after sheriff predicts hundreds of lives lost

As Hurricane Ian continues to move forward into South Carolina, the death toll continues to rise in Florida. During a press briefing on Friday morning, Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie confirmed that there was one Ian-related death in Polk County and 12 unconfirmed deaths in Charlotte County. Guthrie warned that these numbers … Read more

Lawyers raise fears of Iranian repeat of violent 2019 protest crackdown | Iran

Iran’s ministry of intelligence has said that nine foreign nationals have been arrestedin a round up of “agitators” allegedly linked to a wave of anti-government demonstrations that have now reached their third week. It said the detainees included nationals from Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Sweden. In a lengthy statement on Friday, the … Read more