Apparently There’s A Lore Reason Behind Elden Ring Runebears Being Such A Pain In The Butt

Elden Ring throws all manner of fiendish monstrosities at you, but few will make your hair stand on edge the way a Runebear does after it catches your scent. I’ve only ever barely killed a few Runebears in the hundreds of hours I’ve put into FromSoftware’s open-world game; I’d literally rather fight Malenia or, more … Read more

Don’t Worry, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Editions Are On The Way

Image: Nintendo Xenoblade Chronicles 3 got off to a strong start when it was released in July, but one minor setback was the delay of the special edition/collector’s edition in select locations around the world. Months later, it seems Nintendo has finally got around to shipping the fancier physical copies of the game. If you … Read more

Age of Empires Anniversary Stream Will Include Announcements and ‘Some Surprises’

With the 25th anniversary of Age of Empires fast approaching, Xbox Game Studios and Relic Entertainment have announced a special anniversary stream timed to roughly coincide with the big day. Set for October 25 at 10am PT, the anniversary broadcast will feature announcements, interviews, and “some surprises.” It will be hosted on Twitch along with … Read more

Pokemon Go Events Schedule October 2022

Niantic Labs has announced another full month of events for Pokemon Go. The latest Season of Light content update includes Five-Star Raids, Mega Raids, Raid Hours, Live Events, Spotlight Hours, a Research Breakthrough, and a handful of other miscellaneous Pokemon Go events throughout October 2022, so here’s what you’re going to need to mark down … Read more

Potion Permit Review – An Engaging Elixir

We all know the story. You’re overworked and in desperate need of a change when your grandfather coincidentally passes away and bestows upon you a cherished relic from your childhood: his farm. Of course, this rundown ranch is in desperate need of repairs, but luckily for you, there is a town full of interesting (and … Read more