‘Eczema was so painful I couldn’t even bend my fingers – but a new treatment changed my life’

For these chronic sufferers, the arrival of three new medications – abrocitinib, upadacitinib and tralokinumab – which were given the green light by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for patients over 12 earlier this year. Early indicators show they can significantly reduce severe eczema in a matter of weeks. Abrocitinib and … Read more

Osteopath Brendon Talbot shares his top tips and exercises for fixing bad posture or upper back pain

Bad posture from sitting at a desk all day? Osteopath shares the most effective exercises to heal a sore back – and reveals why you should never sit with your legs crossed An osteopath has shared five movement and his tips to improve your posture Practitioner Brendon Talbot, from Canada, specialises in bone and muscle … Read more

Is White Rice Healthy? Dietitians Break Down Its Nutrition

There are some foods, like wonderful avocados and crunchy kale, that are widely lauded as nutritional goldmines. Then there are the plant-based foods that are more open to debate, like everyone’s favorite potatoes and pickles. (For the record, both boast their own nutritional benefits.) White rice is another that many view as unhealthy, despite it … Read more

High cholesterol: Hot cocoa could lower bad cholesterol in ‘weeks’ – study

High cholesterol can hike your risk of severe health problems, ranging from heart disease to stroke, so it’s crucial to keep your levels in check. While chocolate treats like biscuits are usually a hard no when it comes to busting your levels, one sweet drink could surprisingly help lower your cholesterol, according to research. With … Read more

Cognitive Health May Benefit From Balanced Meal Timing

Summary: Breakfast may very well be the most important meal of the day, especially in terms of maintaining good cognitive health. Researchers found skipping breakfast increases the risk of cognitive decline in middle-to-old age, while maintaining a temporal distribution of energy intake during a day helps maintain cognitive health. Source: Higher Education Press Globally, there … Read more