Roblox Anime Battlegrounds X Codes (October 2022)

Roblox Anime Battlegrounds X is offering a single code in October 2022 for new and regular players who would like to unlock some new abilities for their avatars. This Roblox game combines all the greatest animes, such as Dragon Ball Z and My Hero Academia, into an action-packed experience. Fans must encounter and battle well-known characters in anime series, as they have been … Read more

10 Best Isekai Anime That Embraced Its Clichés

The isekai anime subgenre is bigger and more popular than ever, but it also gets its fair share of criticism. Isekai is often viewed as formulaic, predictable, and often lazily written, and some isekai series, unfortunately, are just like that. Fortunately, there are also remarkable standouts like Reincarnated as a Slime and Dr. Stone to … Read more

Sasha Banks’ Love Of Japanese Anime, Explained

Undeniably one of the biggest names to ever grace the world of women’s wrestling, Sasha Banks has not wrestled in several months after staging a walk-out from WWE alongside her tag-team partner, Naomi. In the months since, the duo have been booked and busy, attending red carpets and walking in fashion shows, even amidst rumors … Read more

Why a Sequel Could Be the Perfect Sports Anime

While Kuroko’s Basketball ended with the Last Game movie, its potential for storytelling is far from over. A follow-up series chronicling the characters’ path into professional basketball could make for a very entertaining story, similar to what Haikyuu!! did in its final arc. The original run of Kuroko recounts the dominance of the Generation of … Read more

10 Worst Seinen Anime With The Best Reputations

The seinen demographic is spoiled with great anime. Some of the best shows are made with young adult men in mind as the target audience. However, there are instances when lesser works get praised endlessly. Many of these works have good elements or interesting premises, but carry issues that weigh them down. Regardless, the fan … Read more

Beast Tamer Anime Release Date, Trailer & Plot

Fantasy anime has been dominated by isekai stories for the longest while, to the point where those that weren’t actually isekai felt barely removed from it. That’s somewhat the case for the upcoming series Beast Tamer, which will feature many of the elements that fans of modern fantasy anime love. Having both a ridiculously explanatory … Read more